Eat walk Glasgow food tour venues

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Hidden under Central railway station this excellent restaurant offers a great range of cocktails and serves some of the best beef in Glasgow.They have an ever growing collection of Craft Gins, Try Makars Gin one made in Glasgow.


This restaurant is in a lovingly restored building owned by Historic Scotland. Not only has a great deal of detail gone into the restoration of the building but also into the quality of the food, drinks and service offered.

Babbity Bowster

Babbity Bowster was built on the site of an old monastery, as part of a late 18th-century urban development. Today it is now a Listed building itself lovingly restored as an inn with bedrooms, restaurant and bar. In the Winter the bar is all the more welcoming with its roaring fire.

Cafe Source

A hidden gem under St Andrews church with an excellent selection of beers, wine and spirits with a good food menu. Often there are musical events going on in the evening in the hall above.


You cannot help but go WOW when you walk into any of the rooms in the Corinthian. Great place to enjoy good food and drink while you people watch.

Macgregor’s Pie and Ale Howff

Harks back to the traditional Glasgow pub offering a good selection of Beers and whiskies with comfort food. Situated in Blackfriars St, Merchant City. A new urban local bar specialising in Scottish Real Ales, craft beer & a vast array of Homemade Pies.

Tron Bar and Kitchen

This café is located within the Tron Theatre which has been a major player in Glasgow’s cultural scene for over twenty years. The building itself is from the 16th century Tron kirk, a survivor of over 500 years of cultural change and social upheaval. The food served is a lot more modern but is locally sourced ensuring freshness and quality. At end of Argyll Street where the Old Glasgow meets the new.