EatWalk gift vouchers

EatWalk gift vouchers

EatWalk Edinburgh

Our EatWalk gift vouchers make great Christmas presents.

We thought we would mention this as the festive season is rapidly ho ho hoing its way towards us. In previous blogs, we have written about Scottish Christmas and Hogmanay customs.

If you want to know more about first footing, Black Bun or Scotland’s Christmas ban then click on the links above.

These are the sort of topics that often crop up during our food tours of Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.

We figured that an alternative FAQs blog might be useful for anyone swithering over buying EatWalk gift vouchers. Or booking in for an EatWalk tour.

You can read our normal FAQs about payment, pre-booking, dietary requirements and so on here.

The purpose of this blog is to answer other questions which people often ask about the food tours. Either before they purchase one or while they are on one.

Local produce

Visitors are always fascinated by not just Scotland’s contemporary dining scene but also by the food we used to eat in the past and the social frameworks and traditions that accompanied certain foods.

Whisky and haggis at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

And we cover these subjects as we lead our tours.

The way the tours work is simple. A local guide leads small groups of guests around four or five pre-arranged venues. Depending on how many guests there are, tours normally take about three and a half hours.

The groups are usually limited to a maximum of eight guests unless it is, for example, a works or study group. In which case, the booking may be larger. Private tours are also available.

Guests have food in each venue and an alcoholic drink in three of the venues; non-alcoholic options are available.

We are often asked how the venues visited are chosen. Firstly, they are interesting and serve good quality food that reflects the modern Scottish diet. They are usually very strong on local sourcing but that doesn’t mean every item eaten will be born and bred in Scotland. The Scottish story has strong elements of trade, immigration and emigration. All of which have shaped the food we eat.

Another criteria is that visitors may not have found all the venues on their own. We like to think that most are off the main tourist trails. They tend to cater to the local market and perhaps give a truer picture of life in Scotland than  other venues.

Scotland’s culinary landscape

En route, the guide will talk about not just the food and drink sampled but also the wider culinary landscape of Scotland.

Usually, guests will try some of Scotland’s most iconic foods. Including, of course, haggis and whisky. We are all proud of Scotland’s culinary offerings but also happy to discuss with a smile some of the more left-field ideas about the Scottish diet. For example, the deep-fried M*!s B*r. Something that very few people living in Scotland have ever actually eaten.

Each guide has their own style and their own interests. There will always be some local history chat whether you are taking a tour in Edinburgh, St Andrews or Glasgow. We don’t promise to be experts in Scottish history but can usually answer the most commonly asked questions.

Of course, we are always up for a blether about what it’s really like living here. From house prices to the National Health Service via relations with our neighbours, our guides will do their best to give a clear and colourful answer to any questions. You may learn some new Scots words. Many of which will be repeatable in polite society.

As they progress, most tours tend to become more or less like conversations. Especially by the time guests have had a drink or two. The tours are never lectures.

If guests need recommendations then the guides are happy to help. From great whisky bars to real ale pubs via the best spot for brunch, lunch or a seafood blowout, we are happy to point visitors in the right direction.

EatWalk Gift Vouchers

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you can book directly onto tours in Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

You can buy EatWalk gift vouchers here. Use the code XMAS21 when purchasing and you can benefit from a £5 per person discount.

EatWalk gift vouchers make a great family present.

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