Are you Black Bunned-up for Hogmanay?

Are you Black Bunned-up for Hogmanay?

Last December, we blogged about some of Scotland’s best loved festive customs. This year, we’re getting sticky with Black Bun.

Readers with long memories may recall our blog which pointed out that Hogmanay – Scotland’s New Year celebrations – were arguably celebrated with more relish than Christmas.

First footing, or visiting friends and family in the New Year, is an integral part of a Scottish Hogmanay and it is customary to bring a small gift.

These tend to be symbolic. Back in the days when heating houses with coal was the norm, guests might bring a small lump of coal so that the recipient could look forward to having a warm home all year.

Gifts of food and drink – whisky always welcome – were viewed as good luck charms that would guarantee sufficiency over the next twelve months.

Black Bun is a popular choice of edible gift. Depending on how puerile you are then it may sound like a painful medical condition but it is, in fact, a type of rich fruit cake with a pastry crust.

As you might imagine, a little Black Bun goes a long way.

Mary Queen of Scots and Black Bun

Some sources think that Mary Queen of Scots introduced Black Bun to Scotland when she returned from France in 1561.

It was originally eaten on the eve of Epiphany as the Twelve Days of Christmas drew to a close. A charm would be hidden in the cake. Whoever found it in their portion of Black Bun would be king for the day.

John Knox and the Reformation effectively put an end to such fripperies and its association with Epiphany has been lost.

However, Black Bun lives on in the Scottish Hogmanay. The Scotsman has a recipe for Black Bun here. It’s best made a few weeks in advance.

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