About Us


Hi, I am Alan Chalmers I started Eat walk tours Ltd in 2011 then known as Eat walk Edinburgh. The tours started to take off almost straight away in Edinburgh. We set up a St Andrews food tour in 2014 and Glasgow in 2015.


I am originally from Stirling but moved to Edinburgh in the late 70’s to study Hotel Management and apart from a short time in London I have worked mostly in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Hotel catering ever since.


After a holiday in 2009 in Seattle, USA, when I enjoyed my first food tour I came back enthusing how Edinburgh would be a great place for a similar tour. As I was happy in my job, I gave it no further thought. But in 2011 I was laid off from my work after 20 years service and decided to make the most of this opportunity setting up a food walking tour in Edinburgh.



I was born and bred in Glasgow and studied Politics and International Relations in Aberdeen. I work as a bartender and have a keen interest in food and drink, Scotland’s history and its future.


Born in Glasgow, I’ve been doing guided driving tours for the past 3 years and walking tours for 1 year.  Gives me the chance to wear the clothes my dad threw out 50 years ago, to tell jokes so unfunny that my whole family ran away from home. I am happy to share my encyclopaedic knowledge of things you need to know to win a quiz on things you don’t need to know.



I have lived in Glasgow for 17 years and I am very proud of my adopted city. I enjoy learning about the social history of Glasgow and its rich aesthetic heritage. Originally from the Highlands of Scotland I used to take tours round Scottish distilleries. As well as working for Eat Walk I run a business upcycling furniture and making gifts.